Roof Mounts

These mounts are for use with resin and copper weathervanes only.

Black Steel Eave Weathervane Mount BHP003
Product ID : bhp003
Steel Post Mount BHP016
Product ID : bhp016
Cast Aluminum Adjustable Roof Mount BHP006
Product ID : bhp006
Stainless Steel Eave Mount BHP014
Product ID : bhp014
Stainless Steel Post Mount BHP017
Product ID : bhp017
Steel Extended Eave Mount BHP020
Product ID : bhp020
Steel Four Prong Mount BHP044
Product ID : bhp044
Extended Adjustable Roof Mount BHP009
Product ID : bhp009
Stainless Steel Extended Eave Mount BHP021
Product ID : bhp021
Stainless Steel V-Mount BHP013
Product ID : bhp013
Steel Three Prong Mount BHP048
Product ID : bhp048
Cast Iron Floor Stand BHP050
Product ID : bhp050
Stainless Steel Three Prong Mount BHP047
Product ID : bhp047
Stainless Steel Four Prong Mount BHP046
Product ID : bhp046