Weathervanes made in Bar Harbor, Maine

Hundreds of weathervanes made to order right here in our shop in Maine.

Made in the USA - no backorder, no waiting - this piece of copper weathervane art is ready for you.

Is your weathervane shop open?

Yes! We are open! You can order your weathervane online 24/7 or come to our retail shop in Trenton, Maine to browse our weathervane selection. Customer service is open for questions Monday - Friday 8:30-4 EST.  

Where do you make the weathervanes?

Weathervanes and Cupolas are what we specialize in here at Bar Harbor Weathervanes. Our main weathervane store is located in Trenton Maine, which is a small town on route 3 prior to entering Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. When traveling to Bar Harbor it will be hard to miss our weathervane shop since we have decorated the building and yard with cupolas and weathervanes. You will see cupolas mounted with Eagle, Rooster and Horse Weathervanes, special note goes out to our one of a kind Monster Pig Weathervane mounted on a majestic cupola that our Master Coppersmith has dressed up as a Masked Pig, super Pig Weathervane.

Please note that we make our wind vanes and cupolas are made to order, we do keep many weathervanes and cupolas in the retail store but if you are looking for a special arrow weathervane, rooster wind vane or horse weathervane it may be good to call ahead to make sure we have that weathervane or cupola to view. Some of our larger cupolas can take 3-4 weeks to make so do not expect to see the extremely large cupolas in the retail store. Most of our made in Maine weathervanes will take us about 3-7 business days to make but a large eagle weathervane or rooster weathervane can take much longer do to the difficulty level to make these particular weathervanes.

Do you have an old copper antique weathervane or just an old weathervane that needs a new roof mount or a new part to make it whole again?

You are in the right place since we do our best to help you get the parts you need to make your old weathervane whole again.

Some of our Top Selling Weathervanes include: Running horse weathervane 292 this particular handmade in Maine Weathervane looks to be going places. The 102 Copper Party Pig Weathervane – this one is always popular perched on a window Cupola with a majestic copper roof. The 376 sailboat weathervane is seen throughout New England – it too looks great on a PVC Louvered or Window Cupola and really sets off that nautical weathervane look for the coast.

Copper Rooster Weathervane 138
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Copper Rooster Weathervane 141
Click on this rooster weathervane picture for more ordering options.

About Weathervanes & Cupolas

Bar Harbor Weathervanes was created by our founder, William H. McElvain Sr. in 1971 from his garage. He found that he had such a talent of bending and forming metals into weathervanes that he quit his day job to become a full time weathervane maker. Once William mastered the copper weathervane he started getting many requests for cupolas, which are great mounts for weathervanes. He started making cupolas for weathervanes with copper tops.

Please note that all weathervanes come without mounts, this is because if you have a cupola you will not need mounting hardware, unless of course you want a different cupola for your new weathervane. The cupola is the mount, our cupolas come weathervane ready with a ¾” hole in the top of the cupola to take the weathervane rod. Please be sure to grease the weathervane spindle with marine or axle grease. Synthetic Lubricants also will work great on the weathervane spindle to keep the squeak away and keep the weathervane turning smoothly.

If you see a specific weathervane that you wish to view in person, please call ahead before coming to our retail locations outside of Bar Harbor Maine – this is because many of our hand made weathervanes are made once the weathervane order has been placed. Our Larger weathervanes can take up to a month for us to make so they require purchase before they are manufactured. Also the same is said of our larger cupolas, many are made only after they have been ordered and can take up to month for us to produce. With this thought in mind it would be better to call to make sure we either have the weathervane and cupola in stock or order it in advance of your trip so that we will have it ready for you on your arrival to the Bar Harbor Retail Shop.