Barnyard Weathervanes

Barnyard Weathervanes - Like Grandpa used to make.

Goat Weathervanes, Sheep Weathervanes and even Pig Weathervanes, that’s right you have found our Barnyard Weathervane section. We manufacturer Horse Weathervanes, Cow Weathervanes and even Bull Weathervanes. Maybe a great Rooster Weathervane or Hen Weathervane is what you are looking for, we can make one just for you. Maybe a Horse Weathervane is what you are wanting. See our small Rearing Horse Weathervane or our Large Running Horse Weathervane. Maybe just a simple garage size Horse Weathervane is what you wish for. Our Rooster Weathervane selection is large so we are sure to have the right Rooster Weathervane for you. Our Pig Weathervanes are amazing! We make Dancing Pig Weathervanes, Running Pig Weathervanes, Standing Pig Weathervanes and even Super Pig Weathervanes, did I mention that we have a large Selection of Flying Pig Weathervanes. So for all your Barnyard Weathervane Needs give our Call Center a call and speak with Shannon at 207-843-0440 and she will assist you in your Weathervane and Cupola Selection.