Weathervanes over Acadia

Rooster Weathervane

Check out our large selection of Rooster and Hen Weathervanes, we are sure to have the perfect weathervane and cupola for you today.

Rooster Weathervanes


Our line of cupolas continues to expand. Top quality PVC Cupolas made in the USA.

Valley for a Weathervane

Horse Weathervane

Handmade Copper Horse Weathervanes the old Fashion Way – Hammer, Snips and Rollers and a Smile – Click Here to see all of our copper horse weathervanes.

Horse Weathervanes
Weathervanes at the top

Pig Weathervane

Handmade Copper Pig Weathervanes – Flying Pigs, Standing Pigs, Party Pigs, Pig in a Pickup and so much more.

Pig Weathervanes
Our Weathervane Retail Shop in Trenton Maine

Over 600 Weathervanes and Cupolas

We make so many amazing Weathervanes – with over 600 weathervanes and cupolas – All handmade in USA. Enjoy.

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All of our cupolas are weathervane ready and fit all of our copper weathervanes

Featured Products

Did you know we are now on the third generation of weathervane designers? 

We are continuing to add new weathervane designs each year.

New Products

We offer over 600 weathervane designs. From the traditonal rooster weathervanes to unique super dog weathervanes. We have a copper weathervane for you. Our weathervane line contintues to expand as we add even more products from finials to bird feeders to so much more.