Fleur De Lis Weathervanes

Fleur De Lis Weathervanes – Handmade in USA

Handmade Fleur de Lis Weathervanes are amazing copper weathervanes that are popular on homes, garages, and barns throughout the country. We make a wide range of copper weathervanes, but our fleur de lis weathervanes are beautifully made with unmatched craftsmanship. Each of our weathervanes are made to order for our great customers and each is an American made handcrafted piece of art that will last for many generations to come. Have finials, weathervanes, and cupola questions, wish to order over the phone, give us a call Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM 

Want a little personalized customer service - call us today (207) 843-0440 to order your new finial, cupola, and weathervane today.