About Us

Bar Harbor Weathervanes and Cupolas is a weathervane factory on the outskirts of Bar Harbor on route 3 right before you get to the island and Acadia National Park. We are next to the Trenton Airport. We are happy to say that we are lucky to be in the Bar Harbor area which is classified as one of the most beautiful locations here in Maine, which sometimes serves as an inspiration for our weathervanes. Bar Harbor Weathervanes was started by William H. McElvain Sr. in 1971 from his garage. He found that he had such a talent of bending and forming metals into weathervanes that he quit his day job to become a full time weathervane maker.

If you see a specific weathervane that you wish to view in person, please call ahead before coming to our retail location outside of Bar Harbor Maine – this is because many of our hand made weathervanes are made once the weathervane order has been placed. Our larger weathervanes can take up to a month for us to make so they require purchase before they are manufactured. Also the same is said of our larger cupolas, many are made only after they have been ordered and can take up to month for us to produce. With this thought in mind it would be better to call to make sure we either have the weathervane and cupola in stock or order it in advance of your trip so that we will have it ready for you on your arrival to the Bar Harbor Retail Shop.