Pig Weathervanes

Pig Weathervanes - Like Grandpa used to make.

Pig Weathervanes are what we love! We make Running Pig Weathervanes, Flying Pig Weathervanes, Smiling Pig Weathervane and Triple Flying Pig Weathervane. We make a Sitting Pig Weathervane, Pig Weathervane Dancing while holding a Flower and Wearing a Skirt. We make a Pig Weathervane with Martini and we make a Pig Weathervane holding a Lucky Four-Leaf Clover. Pig Weathervane Drinking Beer, you know we do. Want a simple Standing Pig Weathervane – we make him too. We even make a Pig in a Pickup Weathervane and a Pig Weathervane with a Rooster on his back. We Love Pig Weathervanes and give us a call at our Call Center and Speak with Shannon at 207-843-0440 – She will be more then happy to help you order your new Super Pig Weathervane and Cupola today.