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Colby Cupola

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Our Cupolas are made to order and normally ship within 3-6 weeks.
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Colby Maintenance Free PVC Cupola

Introducing the Colby Arched Window Maintenance Free PVC Cupola, a masterpiece of architectural elegance and craftsmanship. With its select roof and large arched windows, this cupola adds an air of timeless charm to any structure. Built with maintenance-free PVC material, it offers unparalleled durability and longevity, standing proudly in the face of harsh elements. The standard Plexiglass ensures unobstructed views while protecting against the rigors of outdoor exposure.

The flared base not only adds structural integrity but also gives an aesthetically pleasing touch that draws eyes upward to admire its beauty. Choose between copper roofing or color metal roofing to complement any design scheme or upgrade options for real glass and custom crown molding for a truly bespoke touch that exudes luxury. Whether adorning a barn, garage, or home, the Colby Arched Window Maintenance Free PVC Cupola is designed to elevate your property's visual appeal while requiring minimal maintenance over time.

Uncompromising in both function and aesthetics, this cupola exudes an air of sophistication that effortlessly enhances any building's exterior. Its large arched windows allow natural light to infuse the interior space while creating a focal point from every angle outside.

Colby Cupola Specifications

Cupola shown is the 26" Size with the 8/12 Base / Select 24 Gauge Copper Roof. Also can Choose Color Metal Aluminum Trim Coil.

This cupola is weathervane ready with a 3/4" weathervane hole in top of the cupola roof enabling it to fit all our copper weathervanes.


Exciting New Sand Color Palight PVC Cupolas now Available!

Now Offering Palight PVC Cupolas Custom Made in Sand Color PVC.

Special Note: Palight has not yet made a Sand Color Crown Molding Trim so still only offering the Crown Molding in White.


Available sizes - 16", 18", 20", 22", 26", 30", 36" // Square Roof used for measurements.

This Window with Louvers Cupola is available in maintenance-free vinyl and is weathervane ready with a 3/4-inch rod opening. Designed for up to a 8/12 pitch. Cupola roof is covered with 16 oz, 24-gauge roofing copper - available with either the natural or patina finish copper sheeting.

This cupola is made with 5/8" Palight Board.

Executive Crown Molding Trim can be added as an upgrade and will be located along the underside of the cupola roof.

Window Section: This shed cupola comes with plexiglass installed in the window section. It has a four lite as shown in above picture for sizes 16"-36" cupolas. (Window Cupolas are not designed for Skylights)

Cupola Dimensions: (approx)

16" Cupola Dimensions - 16" Roof - 30" High

18" Cupola Dimensions - 18" Roof - 35" High

20" Cupola Dimensions - 20" Roof - 39" High

22" Cupola Dimensions - 22" Roof - 44" High

26" Cupola Dimensions - 26" Roof - 48" High

30" Cupola Dimensions - 30" Roof - 51" High

36" Cupola Dimensions - 36" Roof - 69" High


Weathervanes sold separately.

  • Cupola Base Extensions are for 9/12 and up to 12/12 pitched roof lines.
  • The cupola comes weathervane ready with a 3/4" opening. Roof mounts are not needed if using a cupola.
  • Customers can request the weathervane opening be capped. For using the cupola without a weathervane.
  • The louver cupolas can be used for venting, be sure and have your carpenter flash around base to keep the water and moisture out. Window Cupolas are not used for venting, but cupolas that are made with windows and louvers can be used for venting through the louvered section of the cupola.
  • If not used for venting, the cupola can go right over the shingles.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to cut the roof pitch into the cupola base to ensure proper fit.
  • The PVC Cupola is made from Palight.
  • Painting PVC Cupolas - Our PVC Cupolas can be painted but you need to use an acrylic latex paint that has a light reflective value of at least 55 or greater. Black and other dark paint colors can cause the PVC to warp. When painting your new cupola always check with your local paint shop to get the best paint possible. Any use of dark paints will void our warranty on the cupola, bird feeders and other PVC products.


We have a 12 month warranty on all of our products that are made in the store. All of our products meet the highest quality of standards. Each item is handmade to order. Small imperfections are all part of the charm with our one of a kind weathervanes. For any and all manufacturers defects, we offer a 12 month warranty on our weathervanes, cupolas, and parts. We do not cover tarnishing of the weathervane, acts of mother nature such as windstorms, hail damage, tornadoes, the weathervane flying off the roof, or any other acts of mother nature not listed. If you have any problems, please call us and we will do our best to resolve it, even if it is past the warranty time. We are a family business and take pride in helping our customers with any issues.