Horse Weathervanes

Horse Weathervanes - Like Grandpa used to make.

Seaching for the perfect Horse Weathervanes well search no further. We manufacture our own copper Horse Weathervanes and we make our Horse Weathervanes in three different sizes. We make smaller shed and garden size Horse Weathervanes. The standard Garage Size Horse Weathervanes and the big Barn size Horse Weathervanes. Our Big Running Horse Weathervane, Appaloosa Horse Weathervane or Large English Horse Weathervane are all perfect fits for the Barn Cupolas on our site. Our standard size Horse Weathervanes are great for the garages or on the main house. Each Horse Weathervane has its own style, look and charm that can only come from handmade Copper Horse Weathervanes. For For call center, Contact Shannon at 207-843-0440 and she will assist you in your weathervane and cupola selection.