Wildlife Weathervanes

Wildlife Weathervanes - Like Grandpa used to make.

So many types of Animal Weathervanes, we manufacture Moose Weathervanes, Deer Weathervanes and of course Elk Weathervanes. Love a cute Squirrel Weathervane or how about a Beaver Weathervane. We make these too. Our Wolf Weathervanes are amazing, and you will love to see our Seal Weathervane and Armadillo Weathervane. We do make the big Buffalo Weathervane and the cute Rabbit Weathervanes. Our Running Fox Weathervanes and of course our Bear Weathervanes. We make small Bear Weathervane and even a Bear with a Fish Weathervane. Give us a call today at our Call Center and Speak with Shannon at 207-843-0440 and she will assist you in your Wildlife Weathervane and Cupola selection.